Would You Subscribe To Bible Software?
Posted on February 13, 2018 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Many people already subscribe to online services for church websites but what about subscribing to Bible software?  Virtually no one sells such a subscription.  Still, the question of whether or not people will subscribe to Bible software comes down to the convenience it provides in their life.  What should you take into consideration while looking for subscribers?
Online Or Offline?

Some Bible software may have an extensive library that would be impractical for devices with a limited amount of storage space.  As a result, downloading and installing might be a little tricky.  Various sellers offer cloud versions with essentially the same functionality as the installed versions.  If churchgoers can find Bible software that offers them such versatility, why would they not subscribe?
The Books Offered

What most people are unaware of is that it’s possible to have access to a wide array of books for rent.  You could get highly sought after titles for less than $2 per month on up to $50.  A full range of titles being offered through the same comprehensive model at a fair price would likely attract many who worship regularly.  There are providers who offer a rent-to-own arrangement where the buyer pays a small fee each month for an agreed length of time and then they own the books.
What Do Subscribers Prefer?

Provide your subscribers with a library centered on different groups where Bibles and other study tools are available for all people no matter their age or scripture knowledge.  Also, consider offering subscriptions targeted at more complex groups like scholars, missionaries, translators, and ministers.
With a subscription to Bible software, subscribers should have the option to choose elements they want access to and charge them based on that.  Some clients will want a product they can share on church websites so make that possible as it may lead to more subscribers.
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