Easy Setup Process

A Web Designer For Your Project

What sets Faith Sites apart from the competition is our personal attention to your website. We do not use special software scripts that leave you to put your website together on your own. Instead, you are assigned a personal web designer who will walk you through our step-by-step process for setting up your website. Your web designer will also help you understand the options and features of the website, plus be available when you need advice.

How Long The Process Takes

  • It is up to you how quickly you accomplish each step in our step-by-step process. We have had clients go live with their website in a day and others after several months.
  • You will be working with your assigned web designer who will guide you through the process. They will make sure you make good and informed decisions. They are also available to answer your questions.
  • By being non-technical and easy to follow, our process is intended for people who know nothing about setting up a website. This helps avoid confusion and unnecessary work.
  • We think you will find that our process moves quickly and is straight forward. But, do not take our word for it. Read comments our clients have posted to our website based on their experiences here.

Easy Step-By-Step Process

  • You are then assigned a personal web designer who will work with you to develop your website.
  • Your web designer will email you the contract and invoice. You can either mail us a check or pay online with a credit card. An electronic signature is used on the contract.
  • Once the above two items are accomplished, your web designer will email you the next set of instructions which involves choosing the domain name and the design for your website.
  • For choosing a design for your website, your web designer will provide advice for the nuances between the various styles.
  • Your web designer sets up your website based on the domain name and design you selected. You are then given access to the administrative area of our software.
  • You review the document that explains key points on using our functionality and terminology.
  • An automatic email notification is sent when certain events happen on the website. You let your web designer know how to handle these email notifications.
  • The next step involves making decisions on how your navigation is organized plus what pages/features you have on your website.
  • You start adding content to your website's pages and using the features.
  • You send your web designer your photos and request changes to the design of your website.
  • Your home page is set up to display the information you wish to highlight.
  • Communication through the website is handled by the Contact Us feature. You decide which email addresses are notified when a visitor submits a message.
  • Your web designer uses your photos and logo to create the graphics for the top of your website.
  • Your web designer will link any social media icons to your social media pages.
  • Once you are ready, you can make your website live. Our support continues even after your website is live.

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