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Posted on February 3, 2017 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Many people in the church have a variety of factors that influence whether they give or not.  The decision on how much you give is usually contingent upon your beliefs, income, debt, and the various payment methods offered by your church.  Fortunately, church websites with custom designs make it possible for anyone to donate online.  According to a survey, one figure says 60% of churchgoers who tithe will give or have given online.  Does your church offer a mobile tithing solution for the congregation?
Statistics To Consider
The tendency among some Christians today is to attend church when it best suits their schedule.  According to one study in 2015, approximately 247 million Americans are Christians but only 98 million say they attend church.  Yet, no more than 15 million claim they tithe.  The word tithe, tithes, or tithing is used an estimated 36 times in the Bible; 30 times in the Old Testament and just 6 times in the New Testament.
For some members, tithing is practiced according to the Old Testament where the amount given to the church is 10 percent of your income.  However, other members believe tithing is an old practice and follow the New Testament where the amount they give is solely up to them.  Often, debt is the limiting factor to how much someone gives to the church as statistics indicate 8 out of 10 who tithe have no credit card debt.
Give Without Pressure
Church websites that offer churchgoers an option to donate online greatly increase their odds of receiving donations as web traffic increases each year.  The amount you give should always take into consideration your financial situation but to also give with your heart.  A verse in 2 Corinthians 9:7 reads, “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”
Posted on January 23, 2017 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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The trend among youth attending church today is heavily influenced by the attendance rate of their parents and if they attend regularly, irregularly, or not at all.  There are many ways to engage the congregation and youth but each year more people use a cell phone to connect with everyone.
Through text messaging, younger churchgoers stay connected as they communicate with the pastor or participate in a church survey.  What kind of effect would it have on attendance among youth if the pastor sent out a few questions each week about the upcoming service?
Enhanced Communication
In regard to youth, most of them may find ministry websites to be uneventful so they rarely visit to know the latest about the church.  When they receive a text message, it gives them an opportunity to express their opinion by responding to the pastor’s questions.  The pastor can then prepare a portion of the sermon to answer those questions so they feel part of the community.
Text messaging also helps build the congregation as it is a useful tool for keeping everyone informed about various functions.  Throughout the year, there are multiple events to remind the congregation about and text messaging does that instantly.  Plus, people can always go back through text messages to verify when the meeting or event is taking place so no reminders need to be sent out.  Will young churchgoers get more involved in the church due to text messaging?
A Lasting Impact
From time to time, youth may not be confident enough to ask a question after services or on ministry websites.  Some members of the congregation might feel the same way but never voice their thoughts.  The option for youth to text message allows them to learn more about the church since they feel comfortable to discuss topics with older members.  As a result, they become more involved in the church and regularly attend services.
Posted on January 6, 2017 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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One survey revealed that more than 88% of Americans used the Internet in 2016.  More people go online each year so it’s no longer good enough to create a church website without implementing a strategy.  A church website design should be tailored towards the needs of visitors and members for carelessness to be avoided.  What areas should be focused on to ensure mistakes with the church website never happen?
Focus On These Areas
With a church website, most visitors are looking to find out more details about the church such as the location, contact information, and time of services.  Relevant details should be easily viewable by all guests so they can learn more about your church if they want to attend.  Although this seems like a simple error, many church websites forget to include this key information where members and non-members can locate it.
A mistake that any church website design must avoid is not being mobile-friendly.  Over 30% of Americans use the internet exclusively from their smartphone.  Without a mobile-friendly design, those visitors who only use their phone to go online will see a different version of your church website.  That version is likely difficult to navigate which can lead to many potential visitors choosing another church.
Frequently, a church website is created to bring the congregation closer together but disregards non-members.  One of the best ways to attract more people to your church is through the church website.  Integrate design features that make non-members feel like they belong to the church.  What other area should be a focus on church websites?
Update Content Periodically
A church website requires more than a great website design.  Some people visit the website for the latest news or events to stay connected to the church.  If none of the content has changed, visitors may think the church has little activity and lose interest.  Ensure the church is active by posting an event calendar every month and include weekly sermon updates!
Posted on December 27, 2016 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Christmas is a special time of the year where many people attend church that may not normally attend.  With higher attendance numbers, this is the perfect opportunity to plan a unique service that encompasses the true meaning of Christmas.  During this time, the congregation and new visitors are more receptive to take to heart what the service is about.  What ideas will help your church provide a memorable service on Christmas this year?
Christmas Music & Holiday Treats
An effortless way to set the tone before or after a service is to play Christmas music in the background.  A few weeks prior, conduct a survey using church websites to see which songs people prefer to hear.  Create a playlist using songs that have been chosen from the survey and play them in the background.
Aside from music, most people connect the holidays with scents and fresh baked goods.  Whether it’s the taste of Christmas cookies or the scent of cinnamon and pine, people will enjoy both as they add to the holiday atmosphere.  Ensure the scent is noticed by spraying the air freshener 20 minutes before everyone is set to arrive.  What other ideas will engage the congregation to create long lasting memories?
Connect On Social Media
Many guests that attend during the holidays might be unaware the church has a social media account.  Bridge that gap by offering a photo session to everyone so the moment is captured and they can connect with the church after the service.  Pictures are also a great way for guests and members to always recall a memorable service. 
Often, people follow social media and church websites from their smart phones to stay up-to-date.  Encourage involvement on social media throughout the service by asking the congregation what are some of their favorite interests on Christmas.
Posted on December 5, 2016 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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A church website is a great way to reach more potential members or expand the bond between current members.  Nearly 80% of churches have a website but only 42% of them reportedly keep it up-to-date.  When content is outdated, visitors might associate the quality of your website with the quality of your services and find another church.  Many features engage visitors and members but what should a church web design include to see the best results?
Engage Your Audience
Most people who visit the church website for the first time want to know what to expect when they attend services.  Besides pictures of the church, include pictures of the congregation so visitors are able to see who attend.  A key benefit to members and visitors is to post an online sermon.  Visitors get an idea of what to expect in a sermon and current members are able to stay informed if they can’t attend church.
Throughout the year, members may go out of town on vacation or be sick so an online sermon offers them an alternative way to stay connected to the church.  An online sermon may be shared with many other people too which significantly increases online traffic.
Without a church website, members are restricted to Sunday when they can request prayers for their family.  During the week, most people are hesitant to reach out to members of the church and request prayers.  Implement prayer requests in your church web design so members may offer immediate support instead of waiting until Sunday.
Set Up Online Donations
An important part to any church website is to allow online donations as fewer people carry less cash today.  This is a great option for members that may have missed the service or when someone in the congregation needs help.  Integrate features such as this into your church web design and update frequently so visitors and members always utilize the church website.
Posted on November 17, 2016 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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The time between Sunday services is often a time where most people get busy with their day to day lives and forget about church and the congregation.  That isn’t always the case though as some congregations are closer than others.  Generally, church website templates make the church website more appealing for everyone in the congregation which improves connectivity.  Does the church you belong to offer ways for members to stay connected between services?
Events & Social Media
A variety of churches have developed a congregation over time where members share a unique and special bond with one another.  Typically, those bonds start inside the church but grow outside the church during social events or through the church website.  Occasionally, members may be absent on Sunday so encourage them to follow the church website to stay up-to-date.
During the summer, invite members to dress casually once a month and provide activities or an event after service that encourages everyone to participate.  Ideally, it would be best to post a survey on the church website to ask members what activities they enjoy and what food they prefer.
Aside from that, utilize social media by creating a page on Facebook or Twitter where members can post comments and share ideas.  The key towards keeping members connected is to have multiple outlets for them to network through.  Has your church tried a variety of church website templates to see if it had any effect on how members stay connected?
Contact Members Each Week
Members stop attending church for many reasons but each church should always send a weekly email about the latest church news.  For members that have missed consecutive services, send an email or call them to express your concern and that their presence is missed.  A simple gesture such as a phone call often reassures a member to keep their faith and stay connected to the church.
Posted on November 7, 2016 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Weekly interaction outside the ministry may be the most important way to build a sense of fellowship in the ministry.  Ministry websites make it possible for all members to connect with one another between services.  Also, members are more likely to contact the pastor and develop a closer connection when they can communicate through a message board or a private message.
Ministry Websites Improve Communication
Without ministry websites, how can members communicate with one another outside the church?  Each year, more people use devices such as smartphones and tablets to stay connected while on the go.  After a service, there may be times where members want to ask advice from the pastor, but the pastor is busy.
A ministry website allows any member to interact with the pastor as they can send a message and the pastor will reply without waiting until the next service.  Not only does this improve interaction but it makes each member feel as though they are part of the church.  When members feel this way, they are more likely to get involved in the church on a consistent basis and attend services every week.
Members may also get involved on the message board of the ministry website by offering advice to others or asking questions.  Both are great ways to improve interaction among members as they engage others to share their opinion.  Do ministry websites offer ways for you to interact?
Always Keep The Congregation Informed
Additionally, the pastor could use the ministry website to post updates to the congregation or to post a re-cap of the sermon.  Aside from that, there are times when volunteers may be needed for a special event.  Often, members see announcements posted to the website and volunteer their time.  Time spent volunteering supports member interaction and gives members an opportunity to form bonds outside the ministry!
Posted on October 19, 2016 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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One common goal among churches is the desire to get more people to come to church.  Often, this presents a challenge because people already have in mind what type of church they want to be a part of and it must be compatible with their beliefs.  If the church website design has an appealing look then visitors may be compelled to attend a service which increases the possibility they could become a member.  First, what type of people do you want to become members of your church?
Reach Your Targeted Demographic
Determine the kind of people you want your church to reach and keep that in mind going forward.  People from different ages and careers are reached in different ways.  Younger people are more likely to connect to social media than older people so creating a social media account and posting updates there helps target that demographic.  Older people may go online to find a church and the church website design could play a factor in their decision.
Another way to reach new members is to encourage current members to invite a friend or family member to join them for a service that isn’t a holiday.  A special message can be given on days where there are many first-time guests so they clearly understand the vision of the church.  Accordingly, it helps when current church members are hospitable towards guests so they feel compelled to attend on a consistent basis.
Is Your Church Motivating People With Special Events?
Throughout the year, every church should focus on attracting new members despite their profession and age by holding a special event.  According to one survey, 9 out of 10 people say they would attend church if someone invited them.  If they attend during a special event where a cookout follows the service then it builds a sense of relationship outside the church and improves the possibility of a guest becoming a member.
Posted on October 7, 2016 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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According to one study, church attendance on a weekly basis is near 40% while other numbers suggest that only 22% of Americans attend weekly services.  Fortunately, there are many ways to boost those numbers but church websites have an extensive impact on the congregation.  Not only do church websites keep members of the church up-to-date but they also allow visitors to learn more about the church before attending a service.  What other advantages are there to having a church website?
Connect With The Community
The Internet continues to grow each year and more people use it to stay connected whether they use a tablet, laptop, or a smartphone.  People who have relocated to the area or are looking to attend a different church tend to search online first to find a church.  It makes all the difference when a new visitor finds the church website as they can learn what time services start and where the church is located.
A website that is user-friendly from all devices also increases the likelihood for visitors to return and stay connected so they feel part of the congregation.  Additionally, members of the church can post what each service is about and include pictures or video so new members get an idea about the church.  Another advantage is for the pastor to inform the congregation of the latest news and ask the opinion of members if there are any changes necessary.
What Is Most Beneficial?
The closeness of staying in contact with other members of the church through the church website promotes constant interaction.  Instead of taking days or weeks, members have the option of using their smartphone to view the latest about any changes in an instant.  Church websites not only connect members with one another but they also build the congregation by attracting new members to visit the church!
Posted on December 31, 1969 7:00 PM by Faith Sites
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Worship services are a perfect time for the congregation to welcome new guests to the church.  The number of guests who attend worship services is unpredictable most of the time unless it’s a holiday such as Easter or Christmas.  A church website design lures visitors to the church but guests expect a certain level of friendliness while they are there for them to return.  Churches that strive to overcome attendance barriers should consider implementing the following tips to make guests feel appreciated.
Simple Yet Effective Actions
There are some very basic actions that church members can do to make a profound impact on whether or not a guest feels motivated to come back.  First, think of what other members did when you visited a new church for the first time and implement those same acts of kindness.  The church website design may also be customized to cater to guests so they easily find the church.
During rainy weather, make sure arriving guests are accompanied by someone with an umbrella when walking in.  Once inside the church, guests might be uncomfortable so offer to help them find a seat or the restroom, especially if they have children.  When a member assists a guest, it builds familiarity with their surroundings and shows they are a priority.
Promote interaction by introducing them to the pastor or other members as this frequently leads to a higher return rate when a guest feels part of the congregation.  Typically, new visitors love having the opportunity to talk to the pastor whether it’s after the service at church or talking over the phone.
One Tip That Exceeds All
Friendliness goes a long way but it should be more meaningful than the stand and greet time as guests tend to think members are not genuine then.  Instead, members could suggest inviting a guest to a group lunch after worship services.  In many cases, this tip influences guests the most to return in the future as they are included in an activity with other members.
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