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Youth attendance seems to be diminishing in many churches and church leaders are wondering why.  Parents are also watching their children that grew up in the church walk away from their faith, especially those that have went off to college.  They are struggling to identify the root cause of it but think the solution can be found by questioning their children.

But, the answer is usually not about the children that have abandoned the church, it’s with those that have stayed.  If you want to know why some children leave the church, you first need to understand why others stay.

Church websites encourage parents to instill good Christian values in their children and they have a tendency to forget about emphasizing the importance of converting people.  They don’t realize that faithful Christians are sometimes born when sinners are converted by the Holy Spirit.  This is what you might find in a few younger members today.  Not only are they good kids that go to church, they truly were changed by the Bible.
Gospel Beliefs

A lot of parents and youth pastors don’t recognize the importance of conversion in the life of a young Christian.  One reason why is that church websites typically promote entertainment over having the right equipment.  Some churches spend too much time organizing events for younger members instead of equipping them with the knowledge of the gospel.  If young Christians are walking away from your church, it might be because you need to implement Christian values more often so they remain grounded to the ministry.
Parented Well

Young but faithful Christians are refined at home.  While the church engages them on Sundays, it’s their parents that work with them to cement the teachings of the Bible at home.  They should also teach them discipline and how to nurture a healthy prayer life.  If children are straying from the church, it is likely due to some parents neglecting their duty as a Christian parent.  Youth pastors and parents should always play their part to ensure young members stay on the right path.
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Ministry websites are meant to educate and encourage members of the church but there’s little they can do to prepare the ministry for leadership pain.  Unfortunately, this type of pain is one of those inevitable occurrences that compel some congregants to consider another place of worship.  This is often a mistake as many ministries face challenges and the next one might have even more issues.  In that regard, Christians should perceive leadership pain as a blessing rather than a curse since it creates an opportunity for growth.
What Causes Leadership Pain?

Leadership pain can surface from a variety of sources.  In some cases, it comes from misunderstandings.  Even though the pastor and church members try their hardest to make the best decision, they occasionally encounter a lot of judgment rather than understanding and sympathy.

There are also church departures where people that you helped the most are the ones who end up resenting the church, eventually abandoning it for another.  Sometimes, it is due to a ministry failing to deliver on a promise.  Ministry websites offer a way to stay connected so the church can still guide them.
How To Grow From Leadership Pain

Leadership pain is only beneficial if you learn from it.  Trust in God and use the situation as an opportunity to ignite your faith again.  However, a majority of people never learn from the pain unless they endeavor down a path that allows them to stay focused.  A few people crumble under the weight of leadership pain as they let it become more important than their ministry.

Instead, remember why you joined the church in the first place and keep your faith at the forefront of your decisions.  It takes time to overcome leadership pain so find a way to implement a plan to guide you during this difficult time.  If you know other Christians that might have suffered similar ordeals, reach out to them and use their advice as inspiration for your own growth!
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Many issues today are impacting the church in a negative way and some churchgoers believe that secularization is starting to erode Christianity.  They also warn about the growing frequency in which family values are no longer important, not to mention the limitations on religious freedoms that have emerged.

While most issues warrant some concern, they have consumed several churches and their members, making them blind to cultural trends.  In many churches, these kind of trends are having an even more destructive impact.
Pleasant Conversation

These days, there are a variety of members who may not agree with every decision made by the church or pastor.  Sometimes, it could be a matter as trivial as the church website design that causes the conversation to take a toxic turn.

Often, the members that disagree are either silenced or rejected in some way.  Churches that treat their following this way won’t accept anything short of unwavering loyalty which prevents them from embracing ideas that differ from their own.  This lack of unity limits the potential of a church as churchgoers want to be respected.

The Bible asks for faith and dedication from Christians.  Many people demand excellence and they want churches to deliver impeccable services.  If the church doesn’t, they risk losing members as they might move on to another ministry that meets their standards.  In an effort to meet the demands of churchgoers, a few churches have ignored the mission of Christ.
Hiring Help

Rather than relying on the unrefined skills of church members, churches prefer to hire skilled workers even though they may not be Christians or members of the church.  Yet, the church is relying on them to run their programs and choose the church website design.  The church is uniting with individuals that may not have the same vision at heart and this also causes some issues.

Society has demanded tighter controls on the professionals that deliver social services to the public.  Obviously, pastors are counted among these professionals.  As a result, a number of churches are stunted in their growth and efficiency since a variety of activities are heavily restricted.  These cultural trends have caused various ministries to become a burden that members of the congregation are choosing to avoid in the future.
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Money is a difficult subject for some ministries to address properly, which is why church websites rarely bring it up.  God wants his followers to be generous with money, not only to those in need but to the church as well.  The Bible is quite clear about it and some people definitely give while a significant number decide against it.  Pastors and older congregation members usually have a difficult time understanding why this division exists regarding money.
Why People Give

The factors driving generosity in Christians often varies a great deal.  Some people give because they love what God has done for them.  They also believe his blessings will continue as long as they have faith in him and tithe on a regular basis.

Others know what they are supposed to do according to the Bible and simply want to be obedient.  They understand that God expects obedience from them and happily tithe because the Bible says Christians should do so.  However, others are certain that giving to the church is the key to their financial success.  They are convinced that if they give, God will feel compelled to add to their wealth and make sure their needs are met.

Aside from that, few are simply determined to make a difference so they participate in the work of the church.  They know the money gets used as intended since it feeds the hungry, spreads the gospel, and provides housing for the homeless.
Why People Don’t Give

Some people refuse to give money to their church because they think God hasn’t done enough for them.  As such, they feel no compulsion to give back to him or to follow what the Bible mentions about tithing.  A number of believers feel no amount of generosity can attract financial blessings and they don’t care about making a difference in the lives of others.

Even though the actions of such Christians sounds insensitive, it’s not uncommon today.  Most church websites try to guide their congregation by sharing verses from the Bible about giving but they can’t force them to obey that word.
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Prayer is an act that many ministries and ministry websites emphasize the importance of on a regular basis, and for good reason.  Some people don’t know how to pray the proper way and others are so caught up in their day to day lives that they neglect to take time to talk with God.
Even a few Christians that pray every day will admit, more often than not, they are just going through the motions.  In order for congregants to experience the hand of God in their lives, they need to practice having better prayers.

This is where problems almost always arise as people usually have their expectations set low.  Ministry websites can help Christians pray but they can’t teach them to pray faithfully because they don’t control their thoughts.  A few Christians have turned prayer into a religious routine instead of treating it as spiritual communication with God.

They speak the words but they don’t expect God to respond to their prayers in any noticeable manner.  When there’s no expectation driving those words, it means there’s no faith behind the prayers.  If you have no faith in your prayers, you’re simply practicing a routine.

Other people fall into the trap of praying without expectations because they think that prayer must look and sound a certain way.  In an attempt to follow what they think is the proper format for praying, many fall into a routine where they have been taught to kneel, raise their arms, or shout.
Many believers know that God isn’t impressed by any format of prayer, he just wants his followers to engage with him honestly and passionately.  The best way to pray is to have reasonable expectations and avoid practicing an empty routine.  Even though prayers may not be answered, it’s important that Christians maintain their faith at all times.
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Some churches are always looking for more effective communication methods, every pastor understands that their online message is far more important than the church website design.  These platforms are supposed to encourage the congregation, especially when it comes to studying their Bible.  Many Christians plan to read their Bibles more diligently each year but fail to follow through.  As a faithful Christian, you are encouraged to start the New Year by changing the way you read your Bible.

Obviously everyone needs goals as they keep people on track.  However, when it comes to the Bible, it’s better to not set unattainable goals.  Never make unreasonable promises such as reading the entire Bible in a year.  Some individuals think that if they set impossible goals and fail, they can just try again.

If congregants fail enough times, they might lose their will to read the Bible.  It doesn’t really matter how much of the Bible you read if you can’t find the time to study it.  With that being said, make an effort to regularly set aside time to read the Bible each week.

The idea of setting aside a moment to read your Bible in isolation sounds appealing because you might think it allows you to focus on God.  But, isolated Bible study can be impossible to maintain consistency so some people do better to join a study group.  If you struggle this year, invite one or two Christians to be a part of your Bible study as it enables you to hold one another accountable.

Every Christian in charge of crafting an attractive church website design understands the importance of emphasizing the relevance of the entire Bible.  Some believers have a tendency to dismiss certain parts, especially books in the New Testament.  As a Christian, try to read the Bible to completion despite what others do.  Each word has the power to transform your faith so persevere through all the sections as they serve a purpose!
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Some church websites struggle during this time of the year to keep the message of Christ at the center of their Christmas sermon and activities.  The task is easier said than done as the holiday has become more commercialized each year.  Often, people are more interested in amassing possessions than they are in going to worship God.  How can you remedy this issue and make Christ the focus in your ministry over Christmas?

You need to make a concerted effort if you want Christ to be the focus of Christmas so start by making a plan.  Most stores promote their Christmas offerings a month before the holiday actually begins.  Try to replicate that so you have the attention of your congregation for the duration of the holidays.

Start by talking about the meaning of Christmas as early as possible, maybe the beginning of December.  Create a calendar that identifies and schedules Christian events for you and your whole family.  There are plenty of plays you can attend during Christmas to renew your passion for the true meaning behind the holiday.  Again, this requires planning so start early.

Another option is to buy gifts that are related to the nativity story.  Many church websites sell these types of items when it’s close to the holidays and you can also put up decorations that are centered on Christ.  This will act as a constant reminder of the birth of Christ.

If none of the steps above are igniting some passion for the true spirit of Christmas in your life, try helping others.  It could be someone in your community that doesn’t attend church.  Reach out to them and boost their spirit with an act of generosity.  After that, use the opportunity to tell them about Christ, his birth, and sacrifice.  Keep these tips in mind going forward as many people forget the real reason for the season.
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Some ministry websites can take a great deal of time to complete as there might be issues or complications along the way.  Though they are useful tools for distributing vital ministry information, most of them are loaded with reminders and notifications about church events and programs.

A problem for many churches is when they become too busy and lack the number of volunteers needed.  They think that a busy schedule automatically translates into a thriving spiritual life.  In most cases, this is far from true since churchgoers can only handle a few tasks and remain happy about their role within the ministry.
Over Engagement

Without a doubt, a congregation that is always pursuing church activities has no time for community outreach.  If your members spend a lot of time at church, the chances that they are connecting with neighbors, ministering those in need, and spreading the love of God are quite low.
Limited Resources

Even if your programs are usually targeted towards the community, church activities require resources.  If you have too many programs that keep a majority of your members occupied, you are likely asking too much of them.  As a result, your programs are probably not as effective as they should be so try do a few tasks extremely well as opposed to doing many of them poorly.

Some Christians struggle with finding the right balance in their life.  They don’t want to become too busy within the ministry, nor do they want to be stagnant.  If your congregation isn’t as vibrant as it once was before, it might be because you have burdened them with too many tasks and they no longer have time to pursue the joys of life.

Ministry websites are not the only reason why busy churches exist.  They are merely one reason why pastors should be more careful when assigning tasks to members of the church.  God wants people to enjoy their time at church so make sure your members remain happy with their volunteer roles.
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Most ministry websites make it clear that meaningful sermons alone won’t transform the lives of Christians.  For some people, spiritual growth is a long journey as it can take years to happen.  One must pursue it religiously, making small gains along the way while overcoming any obstacles and staying the course until the end.  So, how can you pursue spiritual growth every day and what should you do to strengthen your faith in God?
Study The Bible

As expected, the Bible should be the main focus of every believer as it is the foundation by which faith starts and expands.  This is the reason why ministry websites spend a large portion of their time quoting Bible verses to believers.  The truth of God can be found in his word and the spiritual life of a Christian typically begins to grow only by tapping into the truth.
Stay Connected Through Prayer

Even though the Bible is the starting point of every Christian’s spiritual life, a close second is prayer.  Once you know God’s word, pray often as prayer is communication with God.  If you want to stay spiritually vibrant, you must maintain your connection with him and that can only happen through prayer.  Without it, your spiritual strength will wane over time.
Go To Church

The Bible is a powerful book and prayer guides a majority of people through most of life’s difficult situations.  However, it can be difficult to pursue the truth of the Bible and the revelations of prayer on your own.  You need to fellowship with believers on a regular basis as some people have already overcome problems that may be similar to yours.

Attending church isn’t just part of a routine, it allows you to engage with other Christians who are encouraging and helpful when you might be weak.  As you can see, spiritual growth requires a consistent effort but the rewards it delivers are worth it in the end!
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Weekly sermons are a crucial component of every pastor’s life as they create an outlet for them to address the entire congregation.  But, this is also the reason why weekly sermons are so difficult to write.  In many ministries, the congregation consists of people from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of faith.
The sermon must appeal to both the most faithful Christians and new attendees, a task that is easier said than done.  In order to maximize the effectiveness of your message, below are a few statements that should be made during every Sunday service.
Direct Your Audience To The Verses

A good sermon comes straight out of the Bible and it will make multiple references to the Bible.  While most preachers are content to simply recite the verses, that isn’t enough.  You should also tell your congregation where they can find the verses which you keep referring to as this encourages Bible literacy.
Encourage The Use Of Technology

Today, it is more convenient for some people to carry the Bible on a digital device and they don’t want to be criticized for it.  Help them feel welcome by asking members of your congregation who have a digital copy of the Bible to open it using an app.  Several church websites go so far as to post links to Bible apps.
Welcome The Non-Believer

Some people avoid church because they think the pastor might look down upon them as soon as they walk through the doors.  Others attend your weekly sermons but they never feel truly welcome.  Start each sermon by welcoming all those people who are new to the church and let skeptical visitors know that you’re happy to have them.
Invite Questions

For some Christians, weekly sermons aren’t enough and they want to know more.  Invite any curious or questioning members to stay after the sermon and give them a chance to be heard.  A number of church websites have a feature that enables members to communicate with the pastor online.  People need to know that you will always guide them and that they can rely on you to minister them in difficult times.
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