Our assigned designer was great. His response was often within minutes and he was always patient and understanding even when we had to ask for help on the same thing over and over. The site was up and running within two months and would have been earlier if we had completed our work faster. From beginning to end, it was a pleasure working with the staff.
— Thomas G, Mt. Airy Full Gospel Church
From the time I asked my first questions before signing up and then through the whole process, this has been a great experience. I always felt like I could ask anything and got a very prompt response. It was incredibly easy for someone who didn't know what she was doing. We love our site and look forward to continuing our relationship with y'all! Thank you!
— Kathryn G, Bentwood Trail Presbyterian Church
As someone who tends to be 'technologically challenged', I have found the entire set up process and tools to be surprisingly easy. I appreciate my designer's patience with all of my questions and the response time was incredibly fast. The end product is a beautiful, dynamic, professional looking site that far exceeds my expectation. I am so thankful to Faith Sites for providing this product at such a reasonable price. I love that I can maintain our site with accessible support close at hand.
— Michele P, Calvary Bible Baptist Church
Our parish community has always been large and vibrant, but few knew about all the ministries to join, ways to serve and events to attend. Our communication was... clunky. We needed a one-stop-shopping place for parishioners to connect with everything offered, but most importantly we wanted to provide inspiring content to ignite the faith of our congregation and provide a means for easy evangelization in our digital age. Faith Sites offered absolutely beautiful templates, tons of interactive features and outstanding (fast!) service. They walked us through the site-building process step-by-step, so no one was overwhelmed. The result is an aesthetically beautiful website that is easy to navigate and edit with tons of cutting-edge features to keep our parishioners -- and future parishioners! -- informed and interested. We would recommend Faith Sites to any church, large or small!
— Tina G, St Michael Parish
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your help. The process was smooth and your customer service was excellent. Our website looks great and the ability to easily change the site when we need to is invaluable. I will be recommending your company to anyone looking to create a great website for their church.
— Don W, Chicago Heights Church of the Nazarene
Great service: before, during and after the contract was signed! We are very thankful for the excellence we have received from your company. Thanks again, and you have our full recommendation.
— Pastor Tony J, Faith Baptist Church
Faith Sites made this process very easy and fun! Our web designer did a fantastic job and was patient and helpful in dealing with our questions.
— Laura M, Southside Church of God
Thank you so much for making this process so simple and fantastic! We were able to get a fully functional website in less than a week and it looks fabulous! The support we received was above and beyond, customer service and response time is fantastic. Thank you!
— Sara M, First Church of Mishawaka
I would like to say that this was one of the easiest processes I've gone through for setting up a site, and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to set up a new web site. I only know a little about websites, but got chosen to learn to operate our church website due to the fact I know computers. So, everything I've learned is from trial and error. I think anyone who knows little about websites would find it easy to navigate. Faith Sites has made a process that seems so difficult very easy for someone like me! Thanks, to our web designer for being patient with me though this process! If everyone there is as helpful and patient as you have been, I'm sure we will be enjoying a long and satisfying business relationship!
— Cheryl B, Heartland Fellowship

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