When Should You Consider Dismissing A Church Volunteer?
Posted on April 2, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
Categories: General
Whether it is to revamp your church website design or take charge of the choir, volunteers among your church members can be extremely helpful.  With skilled volunteers, you get to enjoy expert level services often without incurring any costs.  Unfortunately, volunteers can also be problematic, and sometimes you have no other option but to dismiss them.  Here are some red flags to watch out for regarding volunteers in your ministry.
They Are Always Right

One sign that a volunteer is going to cause problems is when they always want matters handled their way.  For instance, a bad tech volunteer will not accept that the church website design is unacceptable for the ministry or that it’s not responsive on mobile.  In addition to that, any attempts by other members to resolve the situation are usually met with disdain.
Other Members Avoid Them

Being avoided by other members of the congregation is often a clue that something is amiss.  Perhaps the volunteer is being too controlling or disrespectful towards other members.  If you’re in a meeting with the group and notice that many members change their attitude when the person in question starts speaking, this typically means something isn’t right.
Charitable But Patronizing

Giving to those in need is a great quality but some people use it as a tool for satisfying their own selfish desires.  A volunteer choir member, for example, might purchase guitars, a piano, and other instruments for the church to be thought of as a superior figure.  Then, they make certain parts of the church activities as their “territories” and never let a fellow member make decisions in these areas.

Keep in mind these indicators don’t always signify a bad personality, and you should investigate any matter thoroughly before dismissing the volunteer.  If a member displays these signs on a repeated basis, stop letting them hinder your ministry and dismiss them from their volunteer work!
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