What Should You Take Into Account Before Upgrading The Church To 4K Video?
Posted on August 26, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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The digital revolution is here to stay, and if you manage church websites, someone out there is probably pressuring you to push the production quality of your content forward.  In particular, 4k has gained a lot of momentum over the last few years.  Many churches today have started to wonder whether or not this form of technology is worth the investment.  Below are some questions you should think about when upgrading the video equipment of your church.
Does Your Church Need 4K Video?

As you might expect, this is the first question that every church must ask.  Many churches use screens in some capacity so it’s easy to see how they might conclude that 4k video is essential.  However, most churches rarely fill their seats and they only use their screens to display sermons and song lyrics.

Such content doesn’t require 4k video.  4k video works best when paired with high-end productions that feature drop-to-the-floor screens.  If such undertakings don’t sound like your church, then 4k isn’t for you.
What Should You Keep In Mind?

Once you determine that the sermons stored on church websites would benefit from 4k video, take a moment to consider the costs you will incur as a result of integrating this technology.  First of all, 4k cameras can be expensive and lower priced models have a tendency to overheat every twenty minutes or so.  Make sure you think about all the ways such a limitation will affect a church whose sermons normally exceed 45 minutes.

You must also consider the work that comes after you get your footage since 4k video is extremely crisp and clear as the 4k cameras capture a lot of information.  This usually translates to large files that take longer to transfer and take up more space.

Are your computers able to meet the editing needs of 4k videos?  If they don’t, expect to spend even more money on new computers.  Upgrading to 4k video can be quite expensive and each ministry has different demands so take everything into account before making the transition.
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