What Should Christian Businesses Contemplate When Tithing?
Posted on March 12, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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A common concern among those with a business is whether or not they should give a portion of their business profits as tithe.  Often, this baffles many Christians as they want to do what is right and church websites have tried to clarify the issue.  Scripture says that every believer has a responsibility to give ten percent of their personal earnings to the church, but there’s no mention of tithing with regard to business earnings.
Should You Tithe On Business Income?

The Bible doesn’t demand that you give a portion of the profits that are generated from your business.  On the other hand, it doesn’t say that tithing on your business profits is a mistake.  Giving is usually an extremely desirable trait by most followers of Christ.  If your business or company is making a profit and you want to give to your church, consider incorporating a portion of the earnings over to your personal income before you tithe.
The Question Of Management

Some Christians have expressed concerns that their churches aren’t properly handling the funds they collect from tithing.  Maybe they have neglected major projects, invested the funds unwisely, or the leaders are using it for their personal needs.

The first consideration should be to follow the Bible’s take on the issue.  Many verses encourage followers to do what leadership says and Romans 13:1 asserts that God appoints the leaders.  If you’re convinced that the funds aren’t being used correctly, talk to the pastor about your concerns.
Optional Ways To Give

Since there’s no instruction on giving a portion of the profits from a business, you’re free to choose how to use it to benefit the church.  You could buy property for the church or sponsor less fortunate kids through school.  In conclusion, you’re not required to tithe on business earnings.

However, responsible Christians who follow the Lord faithfully think about leading by example and give from their heart.  Fortunately, there are many platforms available today that didn’t exist in the past such as making digital payments on church websites.
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