What Are The Two Most Spiritual Influences For Children?
Posted on October 21, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Church websites have a difficult role to play as they are a virtual tool that can reach the average churchgoer at any time and place.  Churches have a duty to spread the word of God, not just in the lives of adults but also in children.  In many cases, churchgoers include their children in Sunday services and other church events.
Lately, attendance in churches is dwindling because young people are slipping away from Christianity.  In order to correct this issue before it gets any worse, church websites should make an effort of supporting the two most influential factors in a child’s spiritual life.

As expected, parents are the most significant influence on their child’s spiritual life.  This can be a problem because some of them have not only neglected their duties but the church has been all too eager to take over this role of spiritual leadership.  Many parents are happy to take their children to church on Sunday because they believe that church leaders are great people to speak to their child.

However, this might be a mistake as church leaders can only do so much in a limited segment of time.  If this generation of children is going to improve, churches need to elevate the role of the parent so they not only teach them but guide them to mold the spiritual lives of their children.

While parents are the most influential component of a child’s life, friends are a close second.  Often, children misbehave because they have been pressured by their friends.  Parents may not be able to choose their child’s friends, but they can teach them how to choose their friends wisely.  Start by making sure that all the important elements in their lives are exerting the proper influence.  Then, give them the proper tools they need to maintain their faith so they stay on the right path!
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