Turn Occasional Givers Into Faithful Givers
Posted on March 6, 2018 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Imagine how amazing it would be for your ministry if there was a steady and reliable source of income all year round.  While it may seem impossible at times, it is totally possible and one way of making it happen is by turning irregular contributors into consistent givers.  Aside from the church website design, here are a few ideas that can make a positive impact on the donations your ministry receives.
Implement A Dedicated Mobile App

The advent of handy digital solutions has made giving much easier and faster.  Several ministries have launched apps that enable givers to automate their contributions while other apps are set up for the user to make the contribution when it is convenient for them.

Some apps have the option where churchgoers can fund their account so that periodic transfers may be made to the church’s account.  This allows people to set it and forget it, which is quite convenient as many people might be too occupied to remember making the donation.
Encourage Recurrent Giving

One effective way to transform sporadic givers into faithful givers at your church is to encourage them to give from their heart.  Not just on Sunday but through church bulletins, online sermons, and at special events.  Ministers have also been known to employ a church website design that uses video to inspire people to make donations regularly.  The most vital step you should take is to focus on an effective platform and make digital giving a priority as nothing surpasses that in these modern times.

Obviously, some members of the congregation will prefer to donate during the traditional offering on Sunday.  But if you truly want to turn occasional givers into faithful givers, then you should dedicate your resources to providing a flawless platform for giving.  Often, all it takes is a minor change to the church website design or a mobile app solution to motivate the congregation and non-members to give faithfully!
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