The Significance Of Numbers In Your Church
Posted on July 5, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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In scripture, there are excellent examples that showcase the importance of numbers in the ministry.  For instance, Jesus used five loaves and two fish to feed thousands of people.  The impact of such numbers goes far beyond the mentioned figures; they often stress God’s abundance and how people should have a strong faith.  Whether they’re being used to assess church attendance or to track trends on ministry websites, numbers are still significant today.
Gather The Right Amount Of Supplies

In order to plan accurately, you should know how many people attend your church or are going to attend one of your events.  It helps you get the correct amount of supplies without falling short or wasting resources.  Having a thorough analysis of your attendance is extremely important in making critical decisions such as expanding the place where services are held or moving to a more spacious location.
Spreading The Word Through Proper Channels

Like marketing, preaching is done through a variety of ways.  You can use ministry websites, social media networks, live crusades, and door to door preaching.  When you know the size and demographics of your audience, it helps you choose the most effective channels.  For instance, using social media to preach to a group of seniors would likely be ineffective; that approach works better on younger people.
The Role Of Technology

Today, technology has made it a lot easier to track numbers in your ministry.  You can easily see trends and evaluate your performance while coming up with innovative ways to improve.  From web tracking software that assesses traffic on ministry websites to cameras that capture the actual size of your audience on Sunday, there are countless tools you could utilize.

Numbers aren’t meant to be worshipped as a sign of power.  Instead, they’re supposed to help you assess your performance as a disciple of Christ.  For that reason, track them periodically and use the figures not to boast or brag but to identify room for improvement each year.
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