The Right Way Your Volunteers Should Step Down From Their Role
Posted on June 14, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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There’s probably not a church in the world that doesn’t appreciate what their volunteers do for them.  From serving as ushers to helping with the church website design, volunteers do a lot and often get little to no pay.  Unfortunately, volunteers quit from time to time and when they do, they may leave a gap in the ministry that is tricky to fill.  So, how can you ensure your volunteers step down smoothly and don’t leave a void?  Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.
Be Prepared

Obviously, it is expected that people will quit from their volunteer positions at some point, and that’s okay.  When a volunteer devotes a portion of their free time to the ministry, always appreciate their efforts since they’re not obliged to stay.  One way to stay prepared is to constantly train new people for volunteer positions such as helping improve the church website design.
Provide A Process

Most churches tell their recruits upfront what they expect of them before they start.  However, they forget to inform them what process to follow upon quitting.  Take the time to explain to a potential volunteer how to quit properly as it may be helpful to them and the church.  For instance, tell them that you appreciate their help but they should inform you well in advance if they ever need to step down.
Bless Their Contribution

In some cases, certain members of the church may be upset about a volunteer leaving, especially when they do so without prior notice.  But it’s not fair to forget how much time a volunteer devotes towards helping the church.  For that reason, it would be a nice gesture to write them a thank you note or recognize their contribution during a service.
There are many reasons why volunteers step down from their roles.  It might be due to a personal issue so try asking them why and if it involves their workload, you could adjust it to keep the volunteer a little bit longer.
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