Lousy Excuses For Not Donating To The Church
Posted on September 13, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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If the church website design of your ministry doesn’t look quite as modern as you expected, it might indirectly be your fault.  Most churches need the financial backing of their members to survive.  Yet, so many churchgoers struggle with the notion of giving to their church, even when it comes to tithing.  Do you have some members of your congregation that only give a limited amount?
What God Says

Often, people refuse to give because they don’t understand the Bible.  Most preachers will tell you that giving is the first step you must take to achieve financial health.  Verses such as Timothy 6:17-19 assure followers that God wants them to act as a channel for his blessings and word to reach people all over the world.  Make sure you frequently remind your congregation and visitors on how God would want them to tithe.
Common Excuses For Not Giving

If giving to the church is a struggle for you but you want the church website design to improve, you’re not alone.  Many churchgoers choose to keep their money in their pockets on Sunday and the excuses they give are never quite as convincing as they think.  Naturally, there are those whom struggle with their finances.  They don’t have enough money and they think the amount they would give wouldn’t be much help.

In Luke 6, there’s a scene in which Jesus praises those who give and are living in poverty.  The Bible doesn’t excuse Christians from giving just because they don’t have enough.  In fact, those who give from the little they have are usually praised even more.  This also applies to church members that are struggling with debt.  Obviously, you should attend to your debt but the financial needs of the church need to be a priority.

Even if the amount you donate is miniscule, don’t assume that it doesn’t matter.  Every donation makes a difference, no matter how small.  Sometimes you may not see the full impact your tithing has had so talk to the pastor directly to determine if the church has effectively used your donations.  Regardless of what you find, God expects you to give generously so the ministry is able to function at its best!
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