Implement These Suggestions To Have A More Meaningful Service On Easter Sunday
Posted on February 28, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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According to a reputable firm that conducts studies, only about 42% of Americans today know that Easter is meant to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus.  These are quite astounding statistics and most churches are probably unaware that so many people are clueless.  As a church leader, it’s in your best interest to reinforce that your congregation and online members understand the profound role and meaning of Easter.
Clarify The Details Of Easter

First, realize that even though the word Easter carries a lot of weight with you, it may not be very significant to younger believers.  Many people think of it as a slang term to describe a merry time and that’s why Easter bunnies and chocolates dominate the theme of Easter.  Some pastors refer to it as “Resurrection Sunday” rather than just using the term “Easter” as it implies a significant event.

In your message to welcome visitors to the church for an Easter service, expand on the events that occurred during the death and resurrection of Christ.  This way, your audience fully understands that the most important part of the matter is salvation.
Your Ministry Website

Start by implementing a church website design that corresponds to the season, maybe one with pictures of the last supper or images of the crucifixion.  Also, it might be helpful to include posts on the history and significance of Easter, as well as the perception of different classes of believers.
Post On Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool for spreading the message of salvation.  Publish relevant posts on Facebook and Twitter so members of the congregation can share it with their friends.  Another way to grab people’s attention is to use the power of visual arts on outlets such as Instagram and show them the endless benefits they’ll enjoy at the service.

Of course, having a superior church website design and publishing posts about Easter isn’t enough to ensure you have a fantastic Easter service.  For that reason, be sure to use all of the suggestions above so your ministry gives churchgoers a more meaningful service!
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