How Your Church Should Use Technology To Promote Easter Sunday
Posted on March 12, 2018 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Based on studies conducted by Barna and other organizations, many people that rarely attend church don’t know the true meaning of Easter.  Though not every church leader is aware of this, there are significant implications with regard to communication during the service on Easter Sunday.

Most churches want to expand and bring as many churchgoers into the faith as possible.  When people are distracted with Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs, they fail to appreciate that the day represents the resurrection.  Anytime that happens, there’s a failure in spreading the gospel.  Learn how to use technology in your ministry to ensure everyone in attendance understands the real meaning of Easter.
Ministry Websites

Websites are a great outlet for informing your congregation and visitors so use it to explain what Easter is all about.  Do this a few weeks in advance to boost attendance and talk about the history of Easter as it’s important in the Christian faith.

Ministry websites that have a discussion forum give people the opportunity to ask questions and church members can provide them with concise answers.  If no questions are posted, engage visitors and members by asking them how they plan to celebrate Easter.
Capture Your Audience With Video

Nearly everyone understands the value of video in capturing the attention of an audience.  Fortunately, these videos don’t have to be done by a professional so you can take video of church members sharing what they believe Easter means.  Short videos normally get more views since longer videos may contain irrelevant content.
While using these tools to reveal the true meaning of Easter, make sure you use Facebook, Youtube, and other popular forms of social media.  When you share a post, link back to your website where detailed information can be found about the way your ministry carries out an Easter service.
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