How To Pray During Times When You Lack The Motivation
Posted on November 6, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Many people don’t pray as much today as they used to in the past.  There are a few reasons for this, but sometimes it has to do with whether or not an individual thinks it will be effective.  If you don’t believe that God can resolve your conflicts, weight loss issues, or church website design complications, why would you pray to him?
Faith is one of the bigger issues pertaining to this but it isn’t the only issue.  Some people are just not motivated and they struggle to find the energy for true prayer to happen.
Why Prayer Might Be Difficult

One reason why people struggle to pray is due to their pride.  They think that the money and talent they have is good enough to keep them going.  There are also individuals that are too busy or tired.  They may have been ridiculed by fellow Christians who are surprised that their prayer life has deteriorated so rapidly.

Some Christians worry about the selfishness of their prayers because all they do is ask.  In all these cases, Christians are failing to realize that prayer is about coming before God and having a spiritual connection.  Regardless of whether it is a personal problem or the church website design has you down, God wants to take the load off your shoulders.  However, you can only reach him through prayer so that needs to be a priority.
How To Pray

Prayer is spiritual but it still requires practical action to perform when you lack motivation.  Start by identifying the hours of the day when you are most alert.  If it is early morning, plan your time of prayer into that period.  Make it a routine to find a nice, quiet location and start praying.

Prayer is that simple, even during times that motivation might be severely lacking or absent.  Regardless of the challenge, the only way to overcome this barrier is to start.  Try praying for a few minutes a day and work towards expanding the duration over time.
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