How Should You Encourage Service In Your Church?
Posted on May 20, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Churches are usually operated as non-profit organizations and they often depend on the volunteering spirit of members to complete most of the tasks and projects.  Unfortunately, church members don’t always have a desire to sacrifice their time or offer some service for free.  If your ministry is struggling to get members to volunteer, this advice should be very helpful!  Outlined below are a few ways to encourage service in your church.
Ask The Congregation

Obviously, the simplest method is to ask the congregants to volunteer since there are a variety of ways you can employ them.  For example, during a Sunday service, it would be good to talk about future projects you want to complete and request that congregation helps out.  Church websites, newsletters, and social media outlets can also be helpful as digital methods to spread the word about your projects and get members to volunteer.
Be Precise

When you create posts about looking for volunteers, your message isn’t clear and most people might ignore it as they think it’s not relevant to them.  Consider indicating the specific type of task that needs to be completed.  When you say you’re looking for ushers, it’s likely to work much better than just saying you need volunteers.
Talk About The Benefits

Imagine a fellow congregant asking you to help them prepare for an event next weekend.  That request is likely not compelling enough to make you offer your time for free.  If they tell you that you’ll be doing a task that utilizes your skills, that’s likely to boost your willingness to volunteer.  Furthermore, try explaining what volunteers may gain and it would be a great time to quote a few Bible verses.

Church websites are becoming more instrumental, not only for requesting help but also for keeping congregants engaged and motivated.  In order to show your volunteers that you truly appreciate them, make a post on your website or social media account to praise their service!
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