Does Audio Technology Enhance How The Congregation Understands The Bible?
Posted on June 25, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Have you ever thought about how believers studied scripture dating back to the beginning of times?  Back then, not everyone had access to the written word of God.  Some disciples would go around and read God’s word out loud to the people.

With modern technology today, almost everyone has their own copy of the Bible, either in hard copy or on one of their devices.  There are also options such as church websites that are trying to help believers understand God’s word.  But, how effective would it be to learn the Bible through an audio form?
Modern Audio Learning Of The Bible

While most Christians might have their own copy of the Bible, listening to someone read God’s word is still widely practiced.  In churches, preachers issue sermons by reading out verses and interpreting them to help the congregation have a full understanding about biblical subjects.

With YouTube, radio, and church websites, technology has made it possible for members to still listen to a sermon even if they are absent.  But, one of the best tech tools that revolutionized audio learning of the Bible has to be bible apps.  Some of the top bible apps have an audio feature so you can listen to the scripture rather than read it.
Benefits Of Audio Bibles

Even though there are many benefits of these audio Bibles, perhaps the most important one is the simplicity factor.  You no longer have to strain to read what is written as you can now listen to it.  This is extremely convenient for a person that has poor vision.  Believers can also study parts of the Bible while engaging in other activities such as driving.

Aside from that, audio forms of the Bible may be integrated with other tech tools.  Technology offers an abundance of benefits that the church can take advantage of, but unfortunately, not all pastors know this.  In order to provide great tech support to the church, take the time to help your members download an audio bible app!
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