A Guide For Removing Barriers To Jesus In Your Ministry
Posted on April 18, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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You might remember the story in the gospel of Luke where a group of men lowered a paralyzed man from the roof to where Jesus was standing.  They made a way where there seemingly wasn’t one.  Today, ministries are using church websites to bring the gospel to places they couldn’t reach before.  But, what ways can you use them to remove barriers to Jesus within your ministry?  Here are some helpful suggestions.
Create Innovative Solutions

In the story of the men who brought a paralyzed man to Jesus through the roof, you’re taught to never give up when facing major obstacles but to look for extraordinary solutions instead.  For instance, the praise experience may not be as lively as you had imagined.  One solution would be to bring in a music teacher or a sound engineer to improve the overall experience.
Work Behind The Scenes

If you notice in the story of Luke’s gospel, the men that brought the paralyzed man to Jesus are not called by name.  Even though they performed an exceptional act, they never claimed any recognition.  Also, they didn’t have to ask Jesus to heal the man.  Upon seeing their faith and effort, he took control and healed him.

In addition to that, make sure you guide church members such as the worship and volunteer team to serve faithfully.  Not all acts of kindness will always be recognized or credited by the church but they should trust that the Lord knows their good acts.
Make It A Seamless Worship Experience

Most of the well-known ministries are using all the tools at their disposal, like church websites, social networks, and video technology to enhance the delivery of their sermon.  When budgeting, focus more on these areas and motivate your teams frequently to perform at their best.  As a ministry dedicated to helping people, you need to recognize obstacles and create clever solutions so you bring the congregation closer to Jesus.
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