A Guide For Getting Started With Church Communications
Posted on August 12, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Aside from ensuring that all communication lines are working properly, those in charge of church communications have to post relevant content on ministry websites, social media accounts, and even send out emails.  This is just a small portion of their tasks as they need to make sure microphones and speakers are working properly, as well.  Hence, the chances of someone getting exhausted with this role are quite high.  If you’re in charge of church communications, here are a few tips to help you along the way.
Don’t Set High Expectations

Trust is vital when it comes to church communications and one way to build it up is to deliver what you promise.  If church members expect to see 5 Facebook posts a week, try your best to publish these posts every week so you don’t lose your members’ trust.  Be sure to establish reasonable expectations and fulfill your promises so everyone is happy with your services.
Create A Team

When Jesus first started, he didn’t work alone; he had help from others and your ministry should too.  Rather than attempting to handle all the communication tasks by yourself, you should consider asking volunteers from the congregation to help you.  Members usually enjoy posting content to ministry websites and creating stories on social media outlets.
Take Time To Rest

Even though you may not feel tired, it’s good to stop and rest once in a while.  Besides, God rested after creation so set aside adequate time to relax.  After all, ensuring that the church’s communications are running smoothly is a demanding task.  If you work endlessly, you will surely become fatigued and that might affect your performance.

These tips will get you started and eventually help you thrive in ministry communications.  In the beginning, make sure you don’t set expectations that are too high and only promise what you can deliver.  Then, create a team to assist with everything so you accomplish tasks more efficiently.
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