4 Remarks That Pastors Should Say On Sunday
Posted on November 14, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Weekly sermons are a crucial component of every pastor’s life as they create an outlet for them to address the entire congregation.  But, this is also the reason why weekly sermons are so difficult to write.  In many ministries, the congregation consists of people from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of faith.
The sermon must appeal to both the most faithful Christians and new attendees, a task that is easier said than done.  In order to maximize the effectiveness of your message, below are a few statements that should be made during every Sunday service.
Direct Your Audience To The Verses

A good sermon comes straight out of the Bible and it will make multiple references to the Bible.  While most preachers are content to simply recite the verses, that isn’t enough.  You should also tell your congregation where they can find the verses which you keep referring to as this encourages Bible literacy.
Encourage The Use Of Technology

Today, it is more convenient for some people to carry the Bible on a digital device and they don’t want to be criticized for it.  Help them feel welcome by asking members of your congregation who have a digital copy of the Bible to open it using an app.  Several church websites go so far as to post links to Bible apps.
Welcome The Non-Believer

Some people avoid church because they think the pastor might look down upon them as soon as they walk through the doors.  Others attend your weekly sermons but they never feel truly welcome.  Start each sermon by welcoming all those people who are new to the church and let skeptical visitors know that you’re happy to have them.
Invite Questions

For some Christians, weekly sermons aren’t enough and they want to know more.  Invite any curious or questioning members to stay after the sermon and give them a chance to be heard.  A number of church websites have a feature that enables members to communicate with the pastor online.  People need to know that you will always guide them and that they can rely on you to minister them in difficult times.
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