3 Reasons Why Pastors Might Pray For Slow Growth
Posted on September 24, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Most church websites take pleasure in announcing significant growth when it comes to numbers and such achievements should be celebrated.  Nearly every pastor wants the congregation to grow and prays for it.  In fact, if many pastors had their way, their church would boast of a new attendance record each week.  But, is that right?
The notion of massive church gatherings may seem ideal for any situation but smaller congregations do have a certain allure to them.  Even though God wants more people to join ministries, smaller churches might bring more to the table than you think.  Here are a few reasons why pastors should be content with slow growth.
Quality Of The Church

In most situations, quality is usually preferred over quantity and this is particularly true in choosing a church.  Large congregations may be attractive, but they can be difficult to minister.  People are going to slip through the cracks, though you are just as likely to lose them because your attention is so divided.
A majority of young pastors require a smaller congregation to grow.  They need months, maybe even years, to learn to connect with all churchgoers and a smaller church with slow growth provides that kind of platform.

Slow growth is critical to the foundation of a long-lasting church.  Congregations that expand too quickly tend to fade just as rapidly because the church can’t adjust fast enough to meet the demands of members.  The best churches afford pastors adequate time to improve their strengths and resolve weaknesses before the numbers become overwhelming.

Slow growth also gives you time to prepare for success down the line.  You may have heard of churches that have so many people that they don’t have the facilities or staff to cater to them all.  The size of your church needs to grow with your resources.  Often, church websites don’t emphasize slow growth because it doesn’t capture the attention of churchgoers.  However, there’s joy to be found in churches that trust in God to grow them at the right time.
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