3 Essential Questions For A Stellar Social Media Presence
Posted on June 3, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
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Have you ever followed big churches online or checked out their ministry websites and been in awe of their substantial social media following?  A large budget that is set aside for building an online presence is a great advantage, isn’t it?  However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an enviable social media presence if your budget is limited.  All you need to do is answer these three basic questions when creating and maintaining your social media accounts.
What Is Your Purpose?

Some pastors or church leaders want to have a social media presence because everyone has told them that it’s important.  But, that’s a vague reason and it likely won’t help you grow your ministry at a decent rate.  At some point, you might even wonder what to post about.  Avoid that by having a clear purpose like reinforcing the Sunday sermon so you make decisions faster when posting and keep investing in your social media presence.
What’s The Goal Of Each Post?

One strategy that well-known churches have mastered is that of posting with a distinct objective.  Rather than posting about general information, they choose their topics carefully and ensure that each post has a mission to accomplish.  For instance, if they want to direct visitors to their ministry websites, they place a clear call to action button.
Am I Consistent?

When building up a social media presence, consistency is one of the main aspects you should always be thinking about.  If your audience doesn’t know when to expect a post, they’ll eventually drift away from your content.  Try giving your social media accounts a similar feel by adopting a uniform design and tone.

In doing so, you create your own unique brand that followers can identify with.  Even though you may not have as much money as other churches, you can still have a stellar social media presence.  The key to a loyal following on social networks is to understand your purpose, post with a clear objective, and be consistent and patient.
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