3 Elements That Ensure You Communicate Clearly Through All Channels
Posted on July 29, 2019 8:00 AM by Faith Sites
Categories: General
Some forms of technology that improve communication between you and your congregants are a good church website design, an excellent sound system, and video editing software.  However, did you know it’s not a must to have cutting-edge tech tools to communicate effectively with your audience?  No matter what channels you’re using, applying these three elements will take you to the next level.

There’s nothing wrong with using words that are unique to your church but when these words are new or strange to your audience, your message isn’t very helpful.  For instance, certain churches have used one word titles to invite their followers on social media to a singles’ seminar.  Often, this can cause confusion and lead to poor engagement.

If your audience doesn’t understand the words or phrases you’re using, how do you expect them to respond appropriately to your message?  It’s better to use terms that everyone can understand, and for times when you can’t do that, try to include a subtitle that explains it better.

Even though it might be a little boring to have the same themes or styles on your church website design, social media accounts, and newsletters, audiences hate confusion more than boredom.  Therefore, try maintaining a consistent branding across your platforms, both online and offline.  Your audience will appreciate this as they can easily identify you with your branding.

Some messages might be missed, or perhaps a congregant misses a service, so make a point to repeat your messages over and over.  The more your audience hears it or sees it, the greater possibility that the message will be remembered.  For example, if you’re holding a wedding at your church in two months, remind your congregation every Sunday and post about it frequently on your online forums.

You don’t need to have the best sound system or the greatest church website design.  Instead, focus on being more consistent with repeating your messages and exercise clarity regularly, then communication within your ministry should improve.
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