Since 2001, we have been a website design firm in central Indiana serving a wide variety of clients in many industries. We are privately held, profitable and debt free.

Because our focus has always been creating custom websites for our clients we continue this philosophy with Faith Sites. We do not create cookie cutter websites that restrict functionality or creativity. Instead, each website is created based on client specifications ensuring they are flexible and useful for each client. From our years of experience and listening to our clients we have also been able to target the specific needs of the niche markets we serve by developing functionality that our clients need and will benefit from.

Our Team

We also know our clients feel best served by a real person who personally manages their project to setup their website. This is why we provide a personal web designer who both understands the functional needs of churches and who is skilled in the technical aspects of creating and supporting websites. When there is something our clients need help with or don't understand, we're happy to take care of it or explain it to them.

Network and Datacenter

Our attention to detail is found in more than just our church websites. We selected one of America's best datacenters, located in Virginia, to house our high-powered web servers. They provide the secure, stable, and blisteringly fast environment required to meet our hosting needs. Let us know if you are interested in learning more about the datacenter's services and we will send you a link to their website.

Have a criticism, comment or fan mail? Please, contact us about it.

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 Suite 400
 Indianapolis, IN 46256
Phone: 317.608.6526